Career space

Corporate culture and values

At majorian, the company culture is based on positivity, collectiveness and openness, as well as an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our central values ​​- mutual aid, usefulness, citizenship and freedom - guide each of our actions. We firmly believe in the power of diversity and equal opportunities, which enrich our work environment.

Majorian's raison d'être is to promote the human economy driven by independent hospitality entrepreneurs. ​This economy is based on local roots, ecological and financial sustainability as well as better sharing of the value created and the decision.​

What we offer

Majorian is constantly looking for diverse talents to join our dynamic team. Whether in product development, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, IS or human resources. We offer a variety of positions that defy convention.

Employees benefit from flexibility regarding their working hours and we organize events throughout the year that promote mutual assistance and knowledge of others.

Everyone benefits from training opportunities to support professional and personal growth.

Why join us?

By joining majorian, you're not just building a career - you're participating in a mission that positively impacts the hospitality industry and beyond.

Vous vous développerez dans un cadre collaboratif et novateur, où chaque jour offre son lot de défis et de possibilités. We are dedicated to the professional development of our employees and actively promote diversity and inclusion, making Majorian a place where every talent is valued and every voice is heard.

Join us and be at the heart of change in the hospitality industry!